What things does Indian high school teach you

The bitter truth is that many schools don’t teach you things that should be helpful in real life except a few International schools like Dubai schools.

Students are asked to focus on things that hardly make any difference. Students are left to acquire that knowledge or educate themselves through their life course

So it becomes Students’ responsibility to learn those life learnings and acquire knowledge by themselves in order to get ahead or else they will remain behind.

So here are a few things students must learn apart from their curriculum.

Let’s get to the list!


Every student must know how to do budgeting, saving, investing, and many other topics that come under finance. Not to overwhelm yourself but understanding one topic at a time will help you to clear your concepts. Make sure to apply those concepts in real life as practical application is always better than learning theoretical concepts. Finance is the biggest skill to learn as it will prepare you for your life ahead. Indian high school has many sessions on many real-life topics like finance which help students. Nowadays there are many resources and videos available on Youtube to help you to clear your concepts. You can also learn from your parents or elders in your life.

Healthy Relationships

This is the most underestimated topic in life. Knowing “How to have healthy relationships with yourself and others” is the most important thing one should learn in order to lead a happy and peaceful life.

It is a vast topic that includes; how to care, how to manage arguments, how to trust etc

The relationship is not about partners only but it is also with others around us like parents, teachers, friends.

Do not run away from advice or don’t think that you don’t need it. Knowing how to have a healthy relationship is an art that will help you to go above and beyond to contribute to the relationship.

Dubai schools have sessions where relationship experts guest provide students with valuable life lessons and tips to have a long-lasting relationship with others. Teachers make an initiative to understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses, show care, empathize which help them to maintain healthy relationships with students and is indirectly reflected in students’ behavior and their attitude or relationship with other students.

How to Handle Emotions

Teenagers go through a lot of hormonal changes during their high school and the stress of study, bullying, parents pressure, student competition etc. They have to deal a lot which creates havoc and it becomes difficult to handle at times leading to bursting out or breakdowns.

Every School must help students to teach them how to control or deal with emotions. A few simple tricks and tips on helping them to know themselves or being self-aware of one’s own feelings can help them a lot to handle emotional situations and accept those emotions and work on them.

Indian high schools believe in the therapy of writing, teachers encourage students to write their thoughts, maintain journals which are the best ways one can express and calm oneself.


Even though it comes under finance it’s a major topic in itself which needs everyone’s attention but most of the time it is ignored. Learning about the taxes can help students in the long run and it can even save them a lot of money.

Taxes are government fees levied on many things in our day-to-day life such as education, technology, food and health programs etc.

Even though students do not have to pay taxes currently from their pockets, acquiring knowledge on when to pay taxes, how to pay taxes, etc is definitely beneficial in the future when you will start to earn.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is an art that everyone should learn but no one learns and the sad part is that no one even teaches it.

At every stage of life, we need negotiation skills for eg:- asking parents for permission to go out, negotiating with friends on certain subjects, getting shoes from vendors at the right price.

Good Communication and Negotiation skills can help students to get scholarships, grants, internships or job offers. So every student should learn this art through various resources on the internet or should attend sessions on the same.


School time is the best time in a student’s life. All the basic manners, skills, and curriculum are part of any school, what parents need to focus on is which school provides real-life learning. There are many schools like Indian high school that focus on extending learning beyond the classroom or curriculum. Parents should encourage children to learn a lot of real-life skills so they do not get stuck when some situations arise. Prepare them for life and not just for jobs.

Note:- There are many things which we haven’t covered in this article but they are also important. Do let us know if you want to know about those things or even want to add a few things which you think should be added in the article.

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