Why to Choose Steel City as Student Accommodation Sheffield

If you are looking for student accommodation in Sheffield that is close to the city center, then Steel City can be an ideal option for you. This place of accommodation provides you with a plethora of amenities as well as a number of accommodation types.

Moreover, you get a chance to make several new friends at this place that arrive from different parts of the world. This is also close to a couple of universities in Sheffield. You also find several opportunities to visit the significant attractions in the city.

Now, let’s have a look at some important aspects of Steel City, the perfect student accommodation in Sheffield, which students will admire and will like to consider for their stay while searching for different options.

Distance from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University

The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University are the universities, which are very close to this place of accommodation. The University of Sheffield is just a 10-minutes walk away from this property. On the other hand, the Sheffield Hallam University can be reached within 16 minutes on foot.

Variety of Accommodations

There are four types of accommodations available in the Steel City, which are:

1. Ensuite Rooms

2. Studios

3. Apartments

4. Townhouses

Now, let’s have a little detail of all these types of accommodations.

Ensuite Rooms

There are three types of ensuite rooms available here, which are classic ensuite, premium ensuite, townhouse classic ensuite, and townhouse premium ensuite. The sizes of these ensuite rooms are 12 sqm, 15 sqm, 14 sqm, and 17 sqm respectively.

Each of these ensuite rooms has a small double bed, a private ensuite bathroom, and a communal spacious kitchen.


Five types of studios can be found in Steel City. These five types are classic studio, premium accessible studio, premium studio, luxury studio, and penthouse studio. The sizes of these studios are 13 sqm, 21 sqm, 19 sqm, 23 sqm, and 24 sqm respectively.

A fully fitted kitchenette and ensuite bathrooms can be found inside these studios.


Apartments are available in three types – 2-bed apartments (13 sqm), bed apartments (24 sqm), and a duplex apartment (28 sqm). Spacious bathrooms and fully fitted kitchens can be found in the apartments.


There is only one type of townhouse available at the property, which is townhouse standard. It has 12 sqm of size and it comprises a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom with private ensuite facilities.

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Amenities Inside and Outside the Accommodations

There are a wide variety of accommodations available both inside and outside the accommodation in which you are living. Here are some of the amenities that you will find here.

Inside the Accommodations

A study table and chair are available in each of these accommodations. Besides, there is a lot of storage space for books, clothes, and other things. Here, you find a wardrobe, chest of drawers, and plenty of more storage space.

You also get a Wi-Fi internet connection to connect the internet to your laptops and smartphones. Moreover, you can keep your rooms warm when there is extreme winter via a heating facility. Both Wi-Fi and heating are inclusive of bills. A TV can also be found in each room for entertainment and news.

There is also a refrigerator and a microwave inside the kitchens at every place of accommodation.

Outside the Accommodations

You can find plenty of amenities at this property, which is outside your accommodations (ensuite rooms, studios, apartments, and townhouses).

A major one is a cinema where you can have entertainment and can get relaxation when you are tired from your studies. Moreover, you can maintain the shape of your body and build your body at the gym available here. On the other hand, there is also a bicycle storage space here in which you can keep your bicycles safe.

There is also a common room available where you can meet the other residents living at the property and befriend them. It is also an excellent place where the students can aid each other in their studies. Other than this, there is also an outdoor area where you can wander and can take the fresh air. Similarly, you can also use the rooftop area.

For the disturbance-free studies, you can use the study area of the property. Apart from all, you can keep your clothing fresh and up to date in the laundry room.

Security Arrangements at Steel City

You have absolutely no need to worry about the safety of yourself, your children (if you are a parent), and your or your children’s belongings in Steel City.

Due to the secure door entry facility, the belongings of the students are completely safe. CCTV cameras are also installed at the property so any unwanted activity can be easily monitored.


Steel City provides everything to the students from their basic needs to their luxury requirements. Students and their parents can be sure about the security at this place.

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