Why You Should Repair Your Phone From the Official Service Center

Smashed your phone again? Or maybe dropped it from your pocket in water? Whatever damage it is, brace yourself. For repairs nowadays will cost you a fortune!

You now have two options; rush to your nearest repair shop or an official service center of your smartphone.

Now I know it’ll be tempting for you to choose the former among the two; your local repair shop (who likely wouldn’t even have a cell phone store POS software). And why not since it is much cheaper – don’t they say, “a penny saved is a dollar earned.”

But beware!

Such cheap repair services often make you pay through your nose and come at the expense of repair quality.

People often fall victim to miserable repair services and then end up going to phone repair service providers – eventually.

So would you follow the same course, or will you do the right thing by visiting the official service center? In this article, we will discuss why it is preferable to repair your phone from the service providers instead of trying your luck at unauthorized repair shops.

Let’s get into it

Relish Your Warranty

Who doesn’t love warranties? Everyone does.

Your smartphone warranty covers manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions. And you can only claim your warranty if you get repairs from the official service center. Usually, phones come with a one-year warranty, and you can get free repair services for non-artificial services within this time.

So, if it is natural damage, a repair shop authorized by your phone’s manufacturer can expertly fix it without charging a single penny. Why pay for something you’re not responsible for.

Enjoy the free ride.

Quality is Pride of Workmanship

Like most people, we are sure you’d never compromise on the quality of service, right? Stats tell us that quality is becoming more important than price to most consumers, as 53 percent rate quality as the most important factor when making purchases compared to price.

Claiming a warranty is one thing but getting quality repairs for your phone is totally another – the one you’d be more concerned about.

Your visit to an official service center ensures one thing; your smartphone is in safe, experienced hands. Modern smartphones are complicated. This means that it takes highly skilled and competent technicians with the recommended tools to restore your phone. Furthermore, these trained technicians are experts at repairing your brand’s phone – every phone company’s repair is different from the other.

You’d remember the quality after the price is forgotten.

Nothing Beats the Original – The Genuine Phone Parts

One of the most crucial benefits of repairing your phone from the official service providers is that you are sure to get original spare parts.

Say you have broken your phone screen. If the technician didn’t install a quality original screen, prime yourself to spend a lot more because it won’t last long.

The thing with phone screens nowadays is; they have improved brightness, resolution, and color representation. So, naturally, this has increased customer expectations.

Unauthorized repair shop technicians will use low-grade spare parts instead of genuine ones in your smartphone, which won’t go well with your user experience. On the other hand, professional technicians will blow new life into your device with the original replacements. They can easily make sure if that spare part is available with the help of their cell phone store POS software.

Service Warranty from Official Service Center

Authorized service centers are so confident in their repair expertise that they’ll gladly give you a limited-time service warranty for the repairs – apart from the first-party warranty.

If the problem resurfaces during this repair warranty, you do not have to make recurring payments. This entails excellent customer service, which keeps customers returning to your store in the future.

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As they say, a customer is never out of warranty, even if their product is – an approach to value your customers that increases customer retention. And increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25-95%.

And since we are talking about customer retention, having a cell phone repair shop software significantly boosts customer experience, hence retaining them.

Customer Support – To the Max

Do you know what differentiates official service centers from other repair shops? That’s the excellent customer support!

Higher customer expectations have raised the bar of customer satisfaction, so your local two a penny repair shop doesn’t deliver that.

Authorized service centers understand that 65% of business comes from existing customers. That is why they won’t leave any stone unturned in rendering outstanding customer support. They will listen to your problems in detail and find solutions for them.

What’s more, their repair shop will have a point of sale software for better customer handling.

Let’s have a glance at the pros and cons of the two…

Local Repair Shop Official Service Center
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Temporary fix Chance of fake spare parts


Original Parts A lot expensive
Cheaper Wouldn’t get a warranty Service warranty Takes more time to repair
  Unexperienced technician Professionalism  
  Chance of permanent damage Trustworthiness  
    Excellent customer support  


Official Service Center, a Cut Above Than Your Local Guy

In a nutshell, a tour at the official service center means that you get what you pay for. There are myriad reasons why authorized technicians are a notch above your nearby local repair shop.

Whether it is a broken screen or water damage, you should walk into any official service provider and get a high-quality repair. On top of that, you’ll be guaranteed a top-shelf customer experience, thanks to the repair shop software that these official centers have.

Now you know what choice you have to make.

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