Zone Upperton Road: A Dream Accommodation for Students in Leicester

Leicester is the city in England that lies on the River Soar. It is close to the eastern end of the National Forest. The city is famous for various aspects such as 20th-century architecture, old architecture, parks, industry, historic buildings, shopping, and sports. This city is one of the major attractions for a large number of tourists in England.

There is one more thing for which it has gained fame and that is the superior quality education in the city. A number of international students can be witnessed here who have come to this place for university education. Leicester is the home to two popular universities, which are the University of Leicester and De Montfort University.

Therefore, a lot of places of student accommodation in Leicester can be found where the students can spend a comfortable lifestyle during their years of study. One of the popular names in this regard is Zone Upperton Road.

Zone Upperton Road is a studio-based accommodation with all the modern luxuries. In addition to this, the universities in Leicester are within walking distance from this place of accommodation. Here are some of the important facts about this place of accommodation.

Distance between Universities and Zone Upperton Road

In both the universities, you can reach in less than half an hour on foot from this property. And, if you choose to go by public transport or the private car, you can reach it in lesser time.

De Montfort University is within the walking distance of 13 minutes from this place of accommodation. On the other hand, you can reach the University of Leicester within 24 minutes on foot. If you have to go to the University of Leicester Medical School then it will take only 21 minutes on foot.

If you choose the transport system then you can reach the University of Leicester and Medical School within just 6 minutes by car. Besides, the University of Leicester can be reached within 15 minutes by bus. On the other hand, the road transport distance by car between De Montfort University and Zone Upperton Road is just 3 minutes.

Distance from Public Transport System

The nearest bus stop is just 3 minute’s walk away from this property. If you want to wander beyond the limits of the city then you can catch the train from the Leicester Train Station. The Leicester Train Station can be reached within 17 minutes by bus.

Studio Types

This place of accommodation offers four types of studios to the students. The studio types available here include Standard Studio with No Dishwasher, Premier Studio with Dishwasher, Deluxe Studio with Dishwasher, and Large Deluxe Studio with Dishwasher.

As the name itself suggests, the standard studio does not have a dishwasher whereas all others come with dishwashers in the kitchen. There are several other amenities inside the studios about which you will read next.

Amenities inside the Studios

There is a comfortable bed inside each studio for the sound sleep of the students. Besides, a sofa is also here for the comfortable seating of students as well as their guests.

On the other hand, for the study in the right posture, there is also a study table and chair. A wardrobe for keeping the clothes and extra storage space is also available inside the studios.

Another significant asset in the studios is a smart TV. You can watch the TV shows and news as well as the shows on OTT platforms like Netflix.

The kitchen is well-equipped here. In the kitchen, you find a microwave and an oven for cooking and heating. On the other hand, a fridge is also here, which allows you to store the eatables to keep them fresh and to freeze the ice & ice cream.

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Other Amenities

Zone Upperton Road offers a gym to the students where they can give full care to their physique and can stay fit. Besides, a cinema has also been provided so that the students could get entertainment in their spare time.

A study room for the disturbance-free studies and a common area for meeting other residents are two other major facilities available at this property.

Besides, you also find a paid Wi-Fi connection through which you can connect the internet to your laptops and mobile phones. It also allows you to connect the internet to smart TV to watch programs on the OTT platforms.

The UK is a cold country, which is why you may need the heating arrangement to keep the room warm. A paid heating facility is available here to keep the room warm.

Security Services

There are good security arrangements here for the students and their belongings. A secure door entry is available for the students to keep their assets safe. Besides, CCTV cameras are installed at the property for monitoring the significant places and detecting anything suspicious.

Final Thoughts

Zone Upperton Road is definitely one of the best places for accommodation in Leicester for the students. It comprises everything that is desired by a student in general in his/her dream accommodation.

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