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How to boost your self-confidence in public speaking? – 10 Best Tips to become fearless

If you want to improve your self-confidence in public speaking as a social person, you must first learn how to become self-confident. And how can you overcome your fear of public speaking? How can I improve my English-speaking confidence? No profession in the world not requires general speaking skills. You must understand why you should have self-confidence and the significance of confidence in public speaking.

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Learning how to boost your self-confidence in public speaking is essential because it allows you to focus on your audience. When giving a confident public speaker, you must understand who you are speaking to.

Public speaking requires self-assurance, self-confidence, and creativity to handle the audience’s reactions.

You can only convey your emotions and point of view to the audience if your thoughts and words are clear. To increase your self-confidence in public speaking, understand the importance of self-confidence and then apply the tips to make your speech more engaging and persuasive.

What is the importance of self-confidence in public speaking?

In public speaking, self-assurance and boldness in expressing yourself are essential. To leave an impactful image and impression on the audience, a person must have confidence, self-assurance, and credibility. Your audience will never feel connected to you unless you feel at ease and relaxed. Knowing your capabilities and skills is essential because you must demonstrate to your audience that you can change their opinions and mindsets.

You must develop courage and self-confidence in public speaking because it will benefit your academic, professional, and personal lives. Remember that you must be confident but never overconfident, and avoid displaying an unnecessary attitude to your audience.

You can only make public speaking impressive and persuasive if you know how to boost your public speaking self-confidence. And confidence is more important than anything else in public speaking.

Tips to boost your self-confidence in public speaking

Everyone wishes to avoid being shy and awkward when speaking in public. You must improve your speaking abilities to become a confident and bold individual.

The following are the best tips for becoming fearless, valiant, and confident in public speaking.

1. Rehearse speaking in the mirror

You should practice public speaking in front of a mirror at least once to boost your confidence. It is critical to understand where you should vary your vocal tone or which body language is required. Practice will help you memorize your speech and remember the highlights and contents of your address.

Practicing your speech in front of a mirror while imagining your audience is a good idea. A mirror will allow you to see your appearance while giving an address.

You can also record and listen to your speech. Recordings will give you an idea of how your voice will sound in front of your audience. You can also make a videotape of yourself while practicing your speech and present it to your family.

2. Maintain eye contact with the audience

Public speaking necessitates a variety of facial expressions and gestures, such as eye contact or a raised brow. Eye contact is critical to boosting your self-confidence when speaking in public. If you want to ace public speaking while appearing natural, maintain perfect eye contact with your audience and avoid a scary gaze or stare.

“According to research and study, maintaining meaningful and genuine eye contact with someone takes less than or no more than five seconds.”

You connect with people in the audience when you make eye contact. They will actively and attentively listen to you. Proper eye contact will help you automatically raise, simulate, and boost self-confidence.

3. Show assertive body language

Assertive body language is a good posture that emphasizes a person’s feelings, honesty, and expressiveness. You can improve your public speaking confidence by eliminating all non-assertive postures and gestures from your life. Slouching, standing off balance, hunching shoulders, or shuffling your head were examples of non-assertive body language. This indicates a lack of self-assurance, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

According to John Borg’s research, only 7% of human communication is composed of words, while 93% comprises paralinguistic cues and body language. Human nonverbal behaviors account for 60% to 70% of communication. To appear confident, you should stand with good body posture and relax your shoulders. Using upbeat and confident body language will help you feel more confident when speaking in public.

4. Make your voice sound confident

Your voice reveals a lot about who you are as a person. Make your voice sound fearless to appear daring and valiant and to boost your self-confidence when speaking in public. A brave voice with plucky facial expressions improves public communication skills.

According to a 2017 study, a perfect voice pitch can change so much. A Yale study confirmed that the sound of your voice makes someone believe, trust, and rely on you. Speaking quickly or smoothly can alter your audience’s perception. You should use the appropriate volume for your audience and persuade them of whatever you are saying.

5. Use humor to a limit

People who lack self-confidence in public speaking should use these suggestions to boost their self-esteem. Proper and limited use of humor to connect with your audience is the best way to boost your self-confidence in public speaking. Humor is an essential part of our everyday interactions. Using good humor on stage will help create a special bond and a sense of closeness with your audience.

You can politely use your humor. Never intentionally hurt anyone in the name of silly humor, and try to be creative with your jokes. Humor and laughter are the best ways to bring two people closer and remove awkwardness and distance.

6. Do not stop if you make a mistake

It is possible and natural for anyone to make a mistake while giving a speech on stage, but to overcome the embarrassment, it is best to continue speaking. Everyone makes mistakes, but having regret and guilt in your heart is not good.

You should never feel bad if you make a minor error or mistake while giving a speech to boost your self-confidence. It doesn’t matter if you made a big or a small mistake; the best thing to do is move on and keep slaying your presentation.

7. Follow a simple and persuasive way

You can boost your self-confidence in public speaking by speaking simply and persuasively to persuade the audience. The best presentation requires effective and persuasive skills to approach the minds of those listening to you. It is a good idea to be more topical, and your audience should be able to relate to your words.

You can become more confident and bold in public speaking this way, rather than becoming shy and confused. When you begin with a persuasive strategy and your audience agrees with your statements, you unintentionally boost your public speaking confidence.

8. Show gestures to prove statements

Using gestures to prove statements can boost your self-confidence in public speaking and during a speech. Body language is an excellent tool for increasing self-confidence and self-esteem in public. Hand gestures aid speech delivery because the audience will look up to your hands.

According to a TED Talks survey, viral speakers use an estimated 500 hand signs and gestures, twice the number used by the least popular public speakers.

Another study found that people who talk with their hands and make gestures are perceived as gentle, warm, enthusiastic, and agreeable. On the other hand, people who do not use their hands are considered cold, logical, rational, and analytical. Using a lot of hand gestures boosts your positivity and confidence.

9. Know the mindset of your audience

The first step in preparing a public speaking speech is to understand who your audience is and what their thoughts and opinions are. Public speakers who are skilled and effective understand how their audience will react to their speech and message.


You must know your audience and be close to their thoughts to understand their mindsets. To increase your self-confidence in public speaking and reach the audience’s mindset, you must first analyze your audience’s thoughts and mindset. In public speaking, you are considered a good speaker if you can change and improve the mood of your audience.

10. Use your anecdotes and stories

When you finish your public speaking anecdotes, it says a lot about you as a speaker and your ability to engage people. It is appropriate to use an amusing, humorous story related to your speech topic.

Retelling a fantastic experience from your life or something that happened with your friends and family is the best way to boost your self-confidence in public speaking and have your audience recognize you as the best expert in your field.

Sharing a personal experience with your audience will help them relate to your emotions and connect with you. Attend events and different public speaking platforms to boost your confidence.


I will share some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you overcome your fear of public speaking.

Q: How to develop self-confidence in public speaking?  

Making eye contact with your audience can help you gain confidence while speaking. You can also use humor to make people feel closer to you. Only by seeing your audience cheering for you will you gain confidence.

Q: How can I improve my public speaking skills?  

You can improve your public speaking skills by becoming more fearless, courageous, confident, bold, and powerful. You should act brave when speaking in public and believe you are the only person who knows everything. Be a dynamic, heroic, and spirited individual to improve your speaking abilities.

Q: Why is it important to speak without being shy or awkward?  

It is critical to communicate without becoming awkward, embarrassed, or shy. If you can’t overcome your shyness in front of others, you’re not a skilled professional. It is critical to overcome all shyness to speak confidently and boldly. Overcoming shyness and awkwardness is the best tip for increasing your self-confidence in public speaking.

Q: Why do I lack confidence while speaking?  

You lack confidence in your speech because you lack confidence in your thoughts and words. Do you think people will laugh at me or that whatever I say is incorrect? You may lack confidence when speaking due to excessive shyness and social anxiety.

Q: How do I rebuild my confidence and self-esteem?  

The best way to boost your self-esteem and confidence is to love yourself and admire your thoughts. Humans must understand the value of their souls and selves. Try re-creating positive reviews about yourself in your mind and observe the effect on your self-esteem. By following my advice, you can improve your public speaking confidence.

Q: What are 5 ways to improve self-esteem?  

Stop judging and criticizing yourself, and start recognizing your accomplishments. Never blame yourself for what you haven’t done; always have faith in yourself and your abilities. Be responsible, confident, and optimistic about your constructive skills.

Believe it when someone compliments you and helps you create your identity by increasing your self-esteem. These are basic techniques to increase self-esteem, reduce low self-esteem behaviors, and increase self-confidence in public speaking.

Last Words:

Life is full of experiences and anecdotes, but what matters here is how you survive it, get through your difficult times, boost your self-confidence in public speaking, and improve your low self-esteem. I hope you enjoy my article and take the advice I’ve given you on increasing your self-confidence in public speaking and confidently delivering an effective speech.


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