Types of AWS Certification to Choose in 2022

AWS training certification is a great way to validate your skills and knowledge in the cloud computing space. There are many different certifications available, each with its focus and expertise. This article will look at everything you need to know about AWS certification, from what’s available to how to get started.

There are three primary AWS training and certification levels: Foundation, Associate, and Professional. The Foundation level is designed for those just getting started with AWS, while the Associate and Professional levels are geared towards more experienced users. Each level has its exam, which must be passed to earn the certification.

What is an AWS Training Certificate?

AWS Training Certificate is a qualification that demonstrates your ability to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure on the AWS platform. Obtaining an AWS certification can help you differentiate yourself from other IT professionals and improve your career prospects.

What are the Different Certifications?

There are different AWS certifications:

1. AWS Cloud Practitioner

This course is suited for non-technical careers. However, it’s a stand-alone credential for people looking for jobs as senior executives, sales and marketing staff.

2. Architect

The AWS Solutions Architect credential demonstrates your ability to create and operate effective solutions on the AWS platform. It’s ideal for individuals looking to enter the field of AWS cloud architecture.

3. SysOps Administrator

This course is for those with experience deploying, scaling, moving, and managing AWS systems. It will be ideal to have some practical cloud application management expertise before taking the examination.

4. Developer – AWS Associate

This course allows you to create and maintain AWS applications. It’s ideal if candidates have prior expertise. It also helps if they know at least one high-level programming language.

5. AWS Cloud Architect – Professional

This is an advanced course for AWS platform expertise. Before you begin this course, you’ll need an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certificate. Relevant experience in the sector is also desirable.

6. DevOps Engineer – Professional

BEFORE enrolling in this superior course, you must have an AWS Certified Developer or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator associate certificate. Relevant experience is also desirable.

7. AWS Certified Security – Specialist

This course will teach you about specific data classifications, data encryption procedures, and secure internet protocols. Before enrolling, you must have five years of IT security expertise.

8. Big Data – Specialist

Candidates must have one of the three AWS Associate certifications listed above to take this specialized course. Up to 5 years of data analytics expertise is required.

9. Advanced Networking – Specialist

This course teaches you how to create and operate an AWS network integrated with a hybrid IT infrastructure. Before beginning this course, you must have one or more AWS Associate certifications. Five years of relevant expertise is also required.

10. Machine Learning – Specialist

Individuals who wish to take on a data scientist position should take this course. The training teaches you how to create and deploy cost-optimized and reliable ML solutions.

11. Alexa Skill Builder – Specialist

This course is for individuals who wish to create, test, and distribute Amazon Alexa skills. Before taking this course, you must have at least one programming language and six months of hands-on experience developing Alexa skills.

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What’s the Cost?

The cost of an AWS certification exam varies depending on which certification you are pursuing. The Administrator and Developer exams cost $150, while the Solutions Architect exam costs $300.

AWS also offers a few discounts for those interested in taking multiple exams. You’ll receive a 10% discount on the second exam if you take two exams. If you take three or more exams, you’ll receive a 20% discount on each exam.

How to Apply for AWS certification training?

To get started, visit the AWS Certification website and create an account. You can then begin scheduling your exam and selecting a testing center. AWS also offers a variety of training resources to help you prepare for your certification exam, including instructor-led courses, self-paced labs, and on-demand video courses.


AWS training certification can be an essential qualification for IT professionals looking to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the cloud computing space. There are three main certifications available, each with its focus and area of expertise. The Administrator certification is for individuals who want to manage AWS resources.

The Developer certification is for individuals who want to show they can develop applications on the AWS platform. The Solutions Architect certification is for individuals with deep technical knowledge in designing and deploying solutions on the AWS platform.


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