Why Time Management Is Important In Hotel Industry?

Hard work always pays off if you have the dedication towards your goal. So why don’t we focus more on smart work? It is obviously not an indication of less work. Rather, it tells about smartly organized hard work. For that, you need to adopt time management skills whether you are working under a 9 to 5 job or you have a non-permanent shift job.

According to data, 36% of the employees chose time as a prime resource for effective and efficient work whereas 30% of employees opt for money, 26% of the employees chose manpower, and remaining of the 8% chose material as the prime resource.

As a restaurant service provider, time management is a substantial art that everyone needs to master in the hotel management industry. Like other jobs, there are no fixed shifts in the hotel industry. One needs to work for 10 hours and sometimes it can easily go up to 16-17 hours straight depending on the nature of the operations, the number of supporting hands available.

Moreover, there are regular tasks in each and every department one needs to handle if he/she becomes a part of the hotel industry. From handling calls and emails, social media to guest check-ins and check-outs, maintaining coordination with every field including F&B services, sales & marketing, floor supervisor, housekeeping services, etc. Each department is added supreme value to the hotel industry. It is important to allocate and spend time efficiently and effectively for each task to be completed.

Time management plays a vital role in organizing, planning, prioritizing, and completing any specific activities successfully. Good time management skills will help you complete more tasks in a shorter period of time even in a tight deadline schedule and high pressured situations.

Benefits of Time Management

The most valuable asset of the hotel industry is how its staff and managers spend their quality time and effort on the work by maintaining estimated schedules and structures. Here are some of the benefits of proper time management.

1. Better Goals

People who practice good time management can achieve better goals and objectives in their careers also in a short span of time. They tend to invest remaining time in their growth.

2. Boosts Business Activities

Good time management skills build efficiency and effectiveness that help in boosting business activities. There will be no place for procrastination.

3. Low Stress

If someone adapts the art of time management, it will lead towards higher productivity and a successful career. It helps reduce stress levels, hypertension, depression, and anxiety related to the workplace.

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4. Better Work-life Balance

If someone is capable of managing time efficiently, it improves the state of work-life balance where one can meet the deadline of work while still having time for personal life.

5. Provide Standard Quality of Work

Proper utilization of time can help an employee to focus on important tasks with full attention. Thus, it can easily provide a better quality of work to the organization.

A dedicated employee should always look for prioritization of activities on a given schedule. Efficient time management skills not only benefit professional life but can also improve the quality of personal life and relationships.

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